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These addresses are used for the e-mail discussion list feature only.MLStrand56 asked the Answer Line about something that should be easy: How do you delete an email address in Gmail.This interface allows you to add and manage email accounts for your domains. To retain the email address, click cancel.

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My Account. Welcome. Control your Google experience, all in one place.Share this: Ashley is an Accounts expert and the author of this help page.

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You can then delete your old (now non-primary) e-mail address if you want to, but be aware you will lose management access for any groups this address is a manager of, so you might want to add your new address to those groups first.

This step by step guide shows you how to permanently close and cancel your Hotmail or Yahoo email account.Incorrect e-mail address keeps popping up when I try to sign-in to my Microsoft.

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Follow these steps to add or edit a rescue email address: Sign in to your Apple ID account.Remove an alternate email address. Remove an alternate email address Sign in to My Account.

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Once you enter your password again, your e-mail address will be added to your account.The More Settings button in the Change Account window allows you to control the email address your recipients use when they reply to you, the name of your account,.

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When I have sent email to anyone from my Yahoo Mail, their addresse automatically registers in my contacts file, but there is no delete icon to remove them. I have.How to change the email address associated with your Microsoft account.The alternative email address you enter here becomes your new.

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Next to the alternate email address you want to remove, select Remove.