Slow internet on macbook pro

Is there someone savvy enough to get the power button working.

Common Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan Problems & Solutions

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If you keep your Mac running all the time, let too many apps join the fun on startup, or multitask with many heavy applications open -more often than not, your Mac will hang.

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This is a discussion on slow internet on macbook pro within the Mac Support forums, part of the Tech Support Forum category.I can not even watch a movie here. a lot of bumps, the image stops while sound keeps on going, non-responding programs, etc.

Internet MacBook becomes very slow -

Check the list of active apps to see which apps are the culprits.Do you mean your Mac slowed down after lightning strikes in your area.However, you can still repair your OS X disk by doing the following. 1. Restart your MacBook Pro.It makes it difficult to organize your work and starts your workday on a stressed note.Apps, whether pre-installed or downloaded elsewhere, can consume lots of system resources when used improperly, which slows down a Mac.Both my old macbook pro and my macbook would both suffer from inconsistent speeds (mainly slow).

slow internet on macbook pro - Tech Support Forum

Try the SMC instructions we have given you in the above post.It could be that your hard drive is corrupted or damaged as well.

The wireless internet works fine with their computers, but is ridiculously slow with my MacBook Pro 10.10.5. Extremely slow internet on one macbook.We recommend using an app called CleanMyMac (or MacBooster, as an alternative).I have done the restart several times and it works for a while then gets slow.Well i read the info about the RAM and through checking in activity monitor, i see it does reach high usage percentages whenever i try to use a program.Internet Connection Slow on Macbook Pro (Mid 2010) All of the sudden, this past week, my internet has been running quite slow on my Macbook Pro.

Matt from CNET brought his sluggish Mac back to health using this method.

Bugs & Fixes: Slow Wi-Fi reconnect after MacBook wakes up

Tag: mac running slow, macbook pro running slow, macbook pro slow, macbook running slow, slow mac, slow macbook pro,.I had no idea that there was something called a system management controller in my MacBook Pro.SMC has roles in controlling thermal and power management on Mac.

Why it helps: adding more memory (RAM) or replacing your HDD (hard disk drive) with a new SSD (solid state drive) will give your Mac a real boost in performance.If that could happen, you could try the SMC reset and I have a feeling it will help.You may also refer to this Apple guide for Sierra specific troubleshooting tips. Moving on.How to Fix a Slow Macbook Pro: The Manual Methods (4-6 hours) The methods introduced below are the best manual fixes we have explored.Weirdly enough, when I plug it in, my MacBook is rendered useless.I run programs like GarageBand and its extremely slow, yet the processor and the fan seem to be snoozing.Pomodoro One handles everything for you, and you should see a boost in your productivity after you start using the app.

Upgraded my OS, run apple hardware test (nothing came up) and everything is still the same.Then, re install OS X on your existing OS X partition and then reboot.Five tips to speed up your Mac. The one place I least like to see a beach ball is on my aging MacBook Pro,.If it cannot, or you hear strange sounds coming from the machine (particularly from the internal Mac hard drive), contact Apple Genius Bar or a local computer repair shop for help immediately.Give us the name of your antivirus and tell us if you have uninstalled it.

Slow internet (high ping) on Macbook (mid 2012)

It resets the hardware to its original state help your computer run.

Method 4: Verify and repair disk permissions with Disk Utility.I have a MacBook Pro 13 Inch Pretty much brand new running 10.6.4 When I first had it home and used it the Internet was great.

However, I am not sure if this was a true reason or just a coincidence.If it finds a problem with your hard disk, maybe you might have to replace your HDD.I recently had a similar issue with an older macbook pro and was.When I type the password in that takes about another 5 minutes.Here are some good picks: Wunderlist is a simple, yet helpful, list-keeping app available for Mac, iPad, and iPhone.

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