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So it will work with just about any device, though using devices that use the older radio standards may slow things down for devices that are more modern.

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Ask Different is a question and answer site for power users of Apple hardware and software.For the vast majority of Internet speeds available it will have no affect.Yes, I know you can back up the iPhone to your computer and then back the computer up to Time Capsule.

The iPhone and iPad cannot backup directly to the Time Capsule.

After that the quality of your wireless network, the strength of the signal making it to the computer and any radio interference from say surrounding wireless networks or other transmitting devices in the area.The software, built in to OS X Leopard and later, entirely automates the process of backing up the Mac.

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Connect the device to iTunes (over Wi-Fi or USB), then select to backup the device.Accessing files from a time capsule on an iPad is something that you need to do in a very specific way.If you are using the 2.0 or higher firmware you should follow the updated.Indirectly they would of course backup anything on a computer that may be used with an iPad.

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Backup your iPad Data BCUEdTech. Loading. How to Back Up your iPad to iTunes - Duration:.Can I use the airport time capsule to also backup my iPad and iPhone.The recurring need for re-installing Windows with machines that always are a bit different from another - that I really would like to leave behind me.That said, unless you have particular data and say older apps, for example, on the iPad that you wish to save there is no need to ever connect the iPad or iPhone to your computer for backup purposes or for anything at all.If you have a fire, flood or other natural disaster you may well lose everything.All that said, unless you need or want to buy a new and faster wireless router and do not want an external drive connected to your iMac then I do not recommend getting a Time Capsule and instead I recommend simply getting a USB 3 external drive and using Time Machine with that.

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That drive can then be used to restore your entire system as it was.

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An iOS device (since iOS 5) essentially has to be linked to an AppleID account or to a computer (or rather an iTunes library on a computer).

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QA Apple Time Capsule: No, an iPad backup is accomplished through iTunes by connecting it to your computer, not to a Time Capsule.However, if you are doing local file transfers, and your computers have a faster form of WiFi than the one in your current wireless router, the Airport Time Capsule (or other more modern wireless router) should make a difference for that local access.The faster speeds of the new wireless standard of 802.11ac that the Time Capsule has will affect local wireless communication speeds like two computers or TV set top devices on the same wireless network but they also have to support that new and faster standard.

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Then, when your Mac backs up to the Time Capsule, the iOS backups are copied over as well.

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A Time Capsule is basically a wifi access point with a hard drive in it.The advantage with a clone is of course that you can boot up straight into your work environment as if nothing happened, which is good for busy people, but for most people a system restore from a Time Machine backup is not something that would take too long, especially with USB 3 or Thunderbolt drives.

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Everything is the same as it has always been but it does not backup.I also wind up with my data three back-up devices so I have redundancy in case of hard drive failure.