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To diagnose and correct a startup problem, you need to understand what occurs during startup.What if i want to ADD a program to startup automatic on the desktop.Learn how to remove, change, control, disable, manage startup programs in Windows, using Task Manager, WMIC, MSCONFIG, free startup manager software, etc.But a quick Bing search showed that it was just a common Bluetooth utility, and is in fact made by Microsoft.

In Windows Vista, there was a truly useful tool in Windows Defender, and in Windows 8 that functionality was added to the new Task Manager.The time required to boot the operating system on a given computer to the.Restart to reboot your machine, or if you want to reboot later, then click on.Windows services starting up are logged as events in the System Event log.

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Most Windows XP admins start their troubleshooting process by launching Windows Task Manager and selecting the Processes tab in order to gather information about the.Hi I recently re-installed Avg free on Windows XP and I noticed a couple processes that run on start up and then remain inactive.

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One way to do this is to make a batch file and run it automatically during windows.

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Startup Programs and Removing Them Written by Mark Sanborn: Aug 9, 2007.Task Manager performs a number of useful tasks, one of which is helping you determine which application are allowed to automatically run each time Windows starts up.

It is much better to check what is running into your startup and disable any.In this state Read How to Run Program Automatically at Startup.Windows Auto-start Services. The user32.dll file is also used by processes that are.Bump performance in Windows 7 by trimming startup. of the programs that automatically start up on your. to drop by the TechRepublic Community Forums.Click on Apply and you will notice that the date on which the selected application was disable on will be mentioned under the.

For example, previously I have disabled Windows live Messenger to load on startup, and after I rebooted the machine, the Windows Live.

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Here are five tips that will help you to improve the startup process of Windows 8.1.Some of these applications and utilities are useful and even semi-necessary.

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You can reduce this and make windows faster by reducing startup programs easily.How to disable startup programs in Windows 7 by removing them the easy way and improve your PC startup time and performance.Disable and Enable Windows 7 Startup Programs. click on Start then type msconfig in the Search programs and files textbox and.Edit Article wiki How to Change Startup Programs on Your Computer.

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This view shows all of the applications that are configured to run when the system boots.

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The slow startup process in Windows can lead to a poor user experience.Windows 8 Tip: Manage Startup Applications. built in tool to control which programs and processes were allowed to. open up the Start.

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This is one of the best changes they made (in my opinion) in Win8.

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For example, I will stop Windows Live Messenger to load on startup, so what I will be doing is to remove the checkbox from the box beside the Windows Live Messenger.Windows 8 Tip: Understand the Differences Between the SkyDrive App and the SkyDrive Application 4.

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Find the Startup Folder in Windows 8 or Windows Server 2012. -Windows-Start Menu-Programs You will find the Startup folder in the Programs folder.Windows Event Viewer is a wonderful tool which saves all kinds of stuff happening in the computer.

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System Configuration tool can be opened using the shortcut for its applet, or going through the.In Windows, how can I prevent a program from starting automatically.