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This was not a glitch but rather an additional security setting added in by Google.

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Configure Google instead of S-Voice. I would rather have Google always listening for its.

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Naming your Google Home speaker can make it much easier to manage multiple devices in one home.How to use the OK Google command from any screen on your Android phone (including the lock. it shows the sound waves but not accepting my ok google at all. on.You might not realize it, but small bits of dust and debris can clog up the tiny hole that leads to your microphones.The problems you may be experiencing with your microphone may be related software or may be hardware based.

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If I go to google app and press the icon it listens and searches.Several apps run continuously on your phone and may be contributing to low or even high level background noise that is interfering with your microphone.

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You will likely have to remove it altogether to fix OK Google recognition.Alexa and Google Home Record What You Say. That little talking cylinder is always listening to you.

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You can select up to five languages that OK Google will recognize a search request in.It should be drawn in an unbroken line if it is working correctly.

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Etsy.Fairly sure it does not transmit everything you say to google.Hi there, having the same issue, for me it does not even work in the google serch area. checkbox is sullected, and for the everywhere option, asks me to.

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That has since changed, with Google rolling out dozens of other languages since 2014 (although many languages are still not supported).

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Check the boxes next to the languages you want OK Google to recognize.And like a cruel divorce, this issue will force you to choose your favorite child.There are rumors of an update that will bring OK Google everywhere on your phone or tablet.

To achieve this, simply tap and hold on any launcher home screen, and then navigate to Settings.

Not OK Google: Chrome Allegedly Listening To Your Voice And Recording It Without Your Permission.If the problem stems from the phone itself, you should refer back to your phones user manual to help resolve it, or failing that, the phone manufacturer.Use a safety pin or needle to investigate and dislodge anything that may be preventing good auditory reception.When you have the Google app open, the microphone status is displayed thanks to an icon located on the right hand side of the search bar.

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I went to check the settings and I am missing the options to have the voice command from any screen.

If you find that your Android voice commands are still not working from the locked screen on your phone, you may have one of several phones that do not allow this functionality, such as the Nexus 6, Moto X, Galaxy Note 4 and Note Edge.Ok Google not working after update location: droidradar.com - date: April 12, 2015 Google app was updated a few days ago and since then I can no longer day ok Google.