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While I am yet to make my mind up on Snowden I honestly hope.

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Back to Top. Site Navigation. NSA CSS. Toggle Search.There are a number of loopholes for putting people onto the watchlists even if reasonable suspicion cannot be met.USAID, which presents itself as committed to fighting global poverty, nonetheless appears to serve as a conduit for sensitive intelligence about foreigners.His administration also issued a set of new guidelines for the watchlists.

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The National Counterterrorism Center declined to provide any details on the upgrade authority, including how often it has been exercised and for what categories of people.NSA paper shows repeated Russia hacking: report. A top secret National Security Agency document shows that hackers from Russian military intelligence. 08:13 am.Until 2001, the government did not prioritize building a watchlist system.When resources are devoted to tracking people who are not genuine risks to national security, the actual threats get fewer resources—and might go unnoticed.

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Americans and foreigners can be nominated for the watchlists if they are associated with a terrorist group, even if that group has not been designated as a terrorist organization by the U.S. government.

Over the years, the Obama and Bush Administrations have fiercely resisted disclosing the criteria for placing names on the databases—though the guidelines are officially labeled as unclassified.

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It can become difficult to get a job (or simply to stay out of jail).

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FBI and NSA...The review can result in removal from a watchlist or an adjustment of watchlist status, but the individual will not be told if he or she prevails.

Ted Kennedy complained that he was barred from boarding flights on five separate occasions because his name resembled the alias of a suspected terrorist.

The rulebook justifies this by noting that conviction in U.S. courts requires evidence beyond a reasonable doubt, whereas watchlisting requires only a reasonable suspicion.And routine encounters with law enforcement can turn into ordeals.The list of government entities that collect this data includes the U.S. Agency for International Development, which is neither an intelligence nor law-enforcement agency.

If a U.S. citizen is placed on the no fly list while abroad and is turned away from a flight bound for the U.S., the guidelines say they should be referred to the nearest U.S. embassy or consulate, which is prohibited from informing them why they were blocked from flying.The guidelines highlight one of the reasons why it has been difficult to get off the list—if multiple agencies have contributed information on a watchlisted individual, all of them must agree to removing him or her.

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I sometimes wonder if even posting in this subreddit would be a red flag for govt. surveillance.

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It is unclear whether foreigners—or the dead—are reviewed at the same pace.