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I was wondering if I can mod this to use VPN only without tor.It takes packets of data that your computer sends to the Pi, then forwards it on to a website.

I ran into the same problem with update-rc.d, and I found some solutions to this issue after searching google.

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When the download is complete, unzip it to reveal an img file.I was thinking of doing this and just plug the pi between my modem and router.You can find the IP address of your computer,. which is the IP address of the Raspberry Pi.This post summarizes the 8 Raspberry Pi OpenELEC tweaks to improve your XBMC experience.

Sweet Security is a network security monitoring and defensive tool which can be deployed on hardware as small as a Raspberry Pi.If the VPN connection disconnects, so does your connection to the internet, guaranteeing that unencrypted data is not leaked.When i run update-rc.d i get the error: no runlevel symlinks to modify, aborting.Manually restart WiFi to connect the Raspberry Pi to the Internet.

Martin Wimpress and Rohith Madhavan have made an Ubuntu MATE image for the Raspberry Pi 2 and Raspberry Pi 3 based on the regular Ubuntu armhf base, not the new.I believe TOR requires some kind of proxy connection in addition to the TOR routing.

Would you be willing to make an image of the SD card and upload it.However if you want to support both VPN and regular internet, you can set up the routing tables on the router to pass packets along both networks.I use the TECXUS TP10000 which powers my pi for over 10 hours.Now add WRT or Tomato Firmware into the fold and it might end up being even more secure connection.

I am outside us and wants solution please help me out someone:(.I want to have it as a second wireless network (secure through VPN) in combination with my Airport base station.

TOR config is set to route to privoxy which is configured to the port TOR is running on which would be default.

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Also when doing mail order from USA sites, they charge a higher price if your IP is Singapore.In shared IP addresses, you will be assigned an IP address that is used by other VPN users as well.Snap your Raspberry Pi into the case and plug in the WiFi adapters and the SD card.

I have RPi2 with Raspbian Jessie and Hostapd start just give the usual error.What happens if the connection from the vpn is lost while downloading a big file.

If you live outside of the UK, you should change your internationalization options (keyboard, time zone, and locale) to match.But i think i should try it too so that i can suggest to my clients if it work well.I would like to suggest you to change the second item of step 2 as follows.If you are so inclined, we can set it up your router to support TOR, so that you can dive deep into the internet within the internet.Many power banks (the ones you buy for charging phones and tablets) can power a raspberry for a long time.The device that you describe the construction of in your tutorial.I know you mentioned that the dongle has the ability to output a wifi signal in the room, but my current router (apple timecapsule) outputs a much strong signal.This can all be automated for raspberry since it runs linux and the entire network connection can be routed through TSOCKS with some more config tinkering.