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For the process of adding a new environment variable, use the following steps.Specifying the URL of the SSO server to which the ASA makes SSO authentication requests.Some templates are static, but some change based on the configuration of the ASA.You must enable LDAP over SSL before attempting to do password management for LDAP.If you configure proxy bypass using ports rather than path masks, depending on your network configuration, you might need to change your firewall configuration to allow these ports access to the ASA.

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Instead of secret keys, Kerberos uses tickets to authenticate a client to a server.

Lets a user who has established a clientless SSL VPN session use the browser to launch Microsoft Office applications.To import a help content file to flash memory for display in clientless SSL VPN sessions, follow these steps.

To specify this hidden parameter, enter the following commands.If JRE is not installed, a pop-up window displays, directing users to a site where it is available.This section describes how to ensure that the smart tunnel is properly logged off.Some domain-based security products have requirements above those requests that originate from the ASA.The templates for plug-ins are included with the plug-ins and define their own translation domains.A stateful failover does not retain sessions established using plug-ins.The following commands create a list of hosts to use for configuring smart tunnel policies.

If you want to configure SSO for a user or group for clientless SSL VPN access, you must first configure a AAA server, such as a RADIUS or LDAP server.This will build a Oracle Linux server and install a 12.2 Oracle database on the machine.Step 6 Save the file as HTML only, using the original filename and extension.If the Web service requires authentication, the server challenges ASA for credentials and sends a list of authentication methods supported by the server.The following attributes apply globally to e-mail proxy users.The ASAsupports Microsoft Outlook Web App to Exchange Server 2010 and Microsoft Outlook Web Access to Exchange Server 2007, 2003, and 2000.Step 7 In some cases, the server may set the same cookie regardless of whether the authentication was successful or not, and such a cookie is unacceptable for SSO purposes.

Description of Global Protect from Palo Alto Networks including basic versus paid for version of the GP client and product.We have tested Microsoft Outlook Express versions 5.5 and 6.0.Performance improvements include caching and compressing web objects.Clientless SSL VPN is also enabled on the outside interface and uses the default port (443).If a user then accesses a non-HTTPS web resource (located on the Internet or on the internal network), the communication from the corporate ASA to the destination web server is not private because it is not encrypted.You can identify applications to which you want to grant smart tunnel access, and specify the local path to each application.

The following sections describe how to customize the help contents.To display the port forwarding list entries already present in the ASA configuration, enter the following commands.You can create translation tables in both single context mode and multi-context mode.If you use stateless failover instead of stateful failover, clientless features such as bookmarks, customization, and dynamic access-policies are not synchronized between the failover ASA pairs.Checks for the presence of a kcd-server and starts the domain join process.The mandatory tag that wraps a single or multiple APCF entities.

Microsoft Outlook Web Access Exchange Server 2000, 2003, and 2007.Sets values for auto signon, which requires only that the user enter username and password credentials only once for a clientless SSL VPN connection.

If you have several group policies configured for the clientless portal, they are displayed in a drop-down on the logon page.An example POST request—with host HTTP header and body—follows.

Identifies the name of the NetBIOS Name Service server (nbns-server) to use for CIFS name resolution.This feature is an option for clientless SSL VPN users and is also called by a function in the HTML code of the login screen.The ASA keeps this cookie on behalf of the user and uses it to authenticate the user to secure websites within the domain protected by the SSO server.Configures auto-signon with a specific port and realm for authentication.You can create and save many customization objects, enabling the security appliance to change the appearance of portal pages for individual users or groups of users.The string does not have a character limit, but the entire command cannot exceed 512 characters.Using the clientless SSL VPN web browsing feature to access an internal protected website.