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We were impressed that we were able to activate our trial without providing payment details up front, something many providers insist on.The connection process took almost a minute to complete, but once we were connected, we were able to confirm our UK-based IP address and perform a speed test.I liked Astrill so much that at one point I decided to buy a long term plan with them.Astrill provides many VPN products for you to choose based on your requirements, such as personal VPN service, dedicated VPN routers and.Although Astrill also offer VPN routers and business packages, here we concentrate on their personal VPN services.Astrill VPN is a massive VPN in China, touted as one of the best VPNs for protecting against censorship enhanced by state of the art security features.

Occasionally the server i choose to connect to is slow but it is generally very easy to find a fast one. and later that server is fast again so probably just load issues.If you are facing issues on desktop device we can provide you remote desktop assistance and try to fix the issue from our end.I was very happy and I got 1 year membership that I renewed again in 2014 and again in 2015.Astrill is the only one that has bad-mouthed their competition and for some reason tried to.As well as the live chat support, there are support telephone numbers, a support email address and a Skype account.

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We request you to please contact our Technical support team so that they can check the issue and you could be provided with remote desktop assistance by our technical team to remotely fix the issue for you.We are here to assist you with all your Astrill related queries so provide us with the details of issue that you are facing and we will fix it for you.We still did a lot of take downs, but by locating copyright troll IPs (by running scripts on our logs) we were able to block many IPs.

Overall, we were extremely impressed by this set of performance figures.A problem with iOS devices is that they disconnect internet and VPN when screen turns off.

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When we ran the file, we saw a message about the installation of a Firefox addon.At this point, the program also triggered our Chrome browser to open a link to a tutorial video.App developed by Astrill Systems Corp. under category App file size 19.1 MB.Reliable and fast VPN access along with great customer service.We hope that you will let us know the details of the issue so that you can get the proper service from Astrill VPN which you deserve.

For details contact our live chat support or technical department via email please.It is for security reasons that you need to register an active number so that when you become a paid member and want to change login details, we will send a code to registered phone so we can verify if you are the owner of the account.It seems their service people are paid for the sparsity of their emails, and not the quality of their service.I tried in the past a few other VPNs, some of them were even more expensive, and they all fall short in both terms of speed and reliability.However, there is a seven-day free trial available, though you are not told of this until you reach the sign-up stage.None of the servers were connecting so, after talking to support, It was suggested I get the stealth add-on and pay more for StealthVPN.Each week we pull together the news and advice on keeping yourself safe and secure online.

Further exploration of the Astrill website revealed a plethora of additional support options.As we had already tested our speed via WiFi, we decided to test the speed of our L2TP connection via 3G.Compare reviews and features to other VPN services on SoftwareInsider.You have the choice of L2TP, PPTP, OpenVPN, OpenWeb, SSTP, and even Cisco IPSec.It looks like they will probably be back up soon and this is temporary, we will keep an eye out for further developments.

After 1 year of existence, Astrill is expanding to USA and EU markets and today Astrill is the leader in the global Personal VPN market.Take 42% Off on Astrill 1 Year Plan:, other Astrill Promo Code and Coupon Code for July 2017.They log your account number, the requested url, the time of the request.After many chaser emails from me, finally they agreed to take a look at my PC remotely.Like many service providers in this market, they offer subscriptions for multiple lengths of time and discount their service when you make a longer commitment.This was a superb performance, with the download speed barely affected by our VPN connection.Save big on your Astrill account, or enjoy a free trial offer.

One of the uses of the logs they keep is to locate copyright troll IPs.Astrill is perfect on my notebook and would not change it for any other service.Http requests are logged on all servers and that data is kept for a minimum of three months. Always. When I asked about this discrepancy between what they say publicly and what they do privately I was told we would do whatever it takes to run the company (even if that includes deceiving the customers).

I use this so I can watch stuff like PPSTV which only allows Chinese IP address.I contacted support and their developers added support for my router in just a few hours.

As you are our valuable customer we are offering you 15% discount.We give our best effort to provide the service in countries with high censorship like China.You adviced me 3 times to di review,s first for 15 later for 10 % and i git nothing at all.Astrill offer several options for configuring their VPN service on the iPhone.Peace and Freedom. Less than one year later, SCMP appears to have lost its over 500,000 followers on Weibo in an instant.

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StealthVPN was specially designed for our customers in China as it has double encryption layers which make connection more secure.Worthy of a particular mention at this point is that Astrill permit their VPN service to be used for P2P and Bittorrent use, which many providers disallow.All Vpns go down at this time of year, but Astrill always manages to keep one or two servers up, well done them.I use it all the time to access bbc in the uk and netflix offerings in other countries and it aways works.Please contact us so that we may check and fix the issue for you.We had no problem with any connections and only our initial connection to the UK took as long as a minute.