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ISAKMP (0:X): phase 1 packet is a duplicate of a previous packet.Connection 1 throughput Figure 2: TCP Phase. shows a simple phase plot.

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But yet there is 6th message coming from R2 indicates there is something with SHARED SECRET KEY.

Reply Delete Anonymous August 13, 2013 at 9:02 AM Saved my day mate. thx Reply Delete Add comment Load more.You have to resolve a sequence in retransmitting state, because messages are backing up awaiting delivery to the target service.In order to locate that issue we must know all 6 PHASE1 messages and their purposes.Missing static (default) routing configuration to RT1 on RT2.

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Apr 8 08:11:08.469: ISAKMP (2052): incrementing error counter on node,.

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Dec 1 16:47:07.920: ISAKMP (0): received packet from dport 500 sport 500 Global (N) NEW SA.

Above we can see R1 has reached IKE-I MM5 STAGE where R1 is sending 5th message to authenticate itself to R2.

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We assume there is IP REACHABILITY BETWEEN and IPSEC TUNNEL END POINTS).Westinghouse Electric Company, Retransmitting Radiochemistry Data and Figure Illustrating the Sampling Location During NRC Inspection IR 07000036-08-001.

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Explore quality images, photos,. of 1. New images daily.Host 1 ( sends traffic to, R1 receives it but it does not initiative PHASE1 negotiation.

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But R2 is expecting PHASE 1 communication to come from