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Sunbelt Network Knowledge Base. explain how to configure Outlook 2013 for your franchise Gmail account using Google 2-Step Verification. Thunderbird Email.Depending on how they opted to receive their code, the user gets their time-based, one-time code from the Google Authenticator app on their smartphone or via text message or phone call.

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Get answers to some basic questions about what two-step verification is, and how to set it up and use it to help keep your Microsoft account more secure.Your app password will be generated, appearing in the yellow box show above.How to Generate App Passwords After Enabling Google 2-step Verification. Thunderbird email.

If you encounter any errors please close the window and verify all of your settings.

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How to Fix Problems Synching Gmail with Other Email Clients. After using 2-step verification with App Specific.

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Before following this guide be sure to enable 2-Step Verification on your franchise Gmail account, linked below.

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The instructions in this article will explain how to configure Outlook 2013 for your franchise Gmail account using Google 2-Step Verification.

The SAASPASS ProtonMail Google Authenticator two-step verification and time-based one time password (TOTP).This verification can be in the form of codes which only the user can obtain via their own mobile phone, or via an encrypted signature contained on a security key.Point your users to About 2-Step Verification for step by step instructions.

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Point your users to About 2-Step Verification for step by step. and IMAP clients such as Thunderbird.

How to Set Up Google 2-Step Verification, and Why You Should. it makes a great deal of sense to set up Google 2-step verification,. to Set Up Google 2-Step.

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Learn how to set up gmail in Thunderbird. setting up gmail in Thunderbird.

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Turn on two-step verification for Google Start by clicking here.

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Common devices and applications that require app passwords are: Gmail and Google Calendar on Android-based phones, ActiveSync for Windows Mobile and iPhone, and IMAP clients such as Thunderbird.

Google smtp server fails after 2. for the verification code.With your additional settings now entered please leave your Outlook setup on the screen above.See Set up 2-Step Verification for your domain for how to enable 2-Step Verification for your account.

To make Google 2 Factor verification handy,. and Thunderbird etc.Once your users enroll in 2-Step Verification, they may need to use app passwords in addition to their verification codes.Google two factor authentication rejects login from Thunderbird. Click on Settings in the 2-step verification section. 2, Setting the Thunderbird mail client,.

If the login goes through Google and 2-Step Verification is configured, the admin is prompted for the 2nd factor.We recommend that you notify your users of this new security process and include instructions on how to get started.Navigate to the Gmail sign in page via the following link: a user loses their phone, they can use backup codes to sign in.

The user enrolls in 2-Step Verification, and selects the method for receiving their verification code on their mobile phone: the Google Authenticator app, text message, or phone call.Sunbelt Network Knowledge Base Email Management Outlook and Other Email Client Configurations Outlook 2013 (IMAP) for Google 2-Step Verification.

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Be sure that your final destination looks like the login screen shown above.As 2-Step Verification is enabled for your email account your phone will be sent a verification code.

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I am using Thunderbird without any issue until I enabled two. (two step) Authentication on Mail Clients like.This number is sixteen characters long and separated into four parts.