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In my example above, router 1 should only have MAC addresses for router 2 and router 3 on its WDS tab.FCC Caution: Any change or modification to the product not expressly approved by.This is the original WRT54G-GS v5-v6 flashing page, not a republished work.I will look at the wireless options when I get back to my office today and try to give you an update on what it could be.

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I cannot think of anything else at this point with the information you have given me.I have not tried any more than the 5, but imagine 7 or 9 would also work, with associated speed loss for each hop.Once you have a decent signal, you can change the Internet Connection Type on the Basic Setup page of the second router to Disabled and set the Gateway to the LAN IP Address of the first router.Router 2 should only have MAC addresses for router 1 and router 4 on its WDS tab.

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So if router 1 is my primary router connected to the Internet, it would connect to router 2 and 3.Click on the browse button to select the firmware file to be uploaded to the router.You should also have the ability to access the web interface for each router.

All I needed to do was set the new WRT54g to a new IP,, use the same SSID, wireless channel, and encryption settings, and then go to the WDS screen on the old WRT54g and put in the MAC address of the new WRT54g.I wanted the Series 1 to be able to connect to the Internet (it has a TurboNET card which provides an Ethernet jack), so I moved the WAP54g up to the bedroom with it.

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A LAN type WDS is the easiest and most common as it requires no extra routing protocols or knowledge of networking, it is simply network bridging.

Disable or remove any MAC addresses of routers not immediately adjacent to the router you are configuring.When I reboot the client, the link will re-establish itself. when I reboot the host, the link will not re-establish istself untill I reboot the client.I use build 12548M for WRT54GL (it is the latest that i downloaded).Linksys, a division of Cisco Systems, Inc., is the recognized global leader in VoIP.

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Ive never quite got my head around a dual router setup untill now.Linksys WRT54G firmware upgrade failure. I was trying to help my brother upgrade the firmware on his router and thought that it would be faster to just do it.Router 3 should only have MAC addresses for router 1 and router 5 on its WDS tab.

I have done this and had the same problem, tried a couple different security settings and the only one I could get to work was WEP.This weekend I decided to use it to set up a Wireless Distribution System (WDS) in my home to fuller home wireless coverage.OpenWrt on a Linksys WRT54GS. The standard Linksys firmware on the WRT54GS only allows the wireless portion of the device.Router 2 would then connect to router 4, and router 3 would connect to router 5.

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How to make a Wireless Ethernet Bridge and or Client bridge with DD-WRT Tomato Firmware. (WRT54G to Repeater Bridge).I would be able to easily emulate encapsulation that would seemingly form from your location without absolute location, purely based upon your make:model:last4.

Also Router 4 should only have the single MAC address for router 2 on its WDS tab, and router 5 should only have the single MAC address for router 3 on its WDS tab.

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Up until today my wireless network infrastructure at home consisted of a single Linksys WRT54g (running the Sveasoft Alchemy firmware) and a Linksys WAP54g.

The WRT54GL enhanced firmware. full wds support with easy setup webpage.You might look at dns masq settings or security settings on both routers.

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I can tell you from a tech standpoint it is so much easier to have identical versions, routers, firmware when you start playing with wds.

If you can connect to the internet THROUGH ethernet ports from both routers then its a wireless setting.Linksys WRT54GS (v5) Firmware Headaches. so it can run all of the popular third-party firmware. WRT54G v5.0 and up run VxWorks and have limited flash space.Get the proper MAC address from the top of the WDS tab in the router(s) you want the primary router to connect with.Find best value and selection for your LINKSYS WRT54GL WRT54G w DD WRT FIRMWARE 1GB SD MMC MOD search on eBay.It took a while before I saw that, but than it worked like a charm.First things first, by definition a WDS is a system that enables the interconnection of access points wirelessly.