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Google has, since 2009, published a transparency tool called Dashboard, which lets users see exactly what kind of data the Internet giant has on them and from which services.Unless you live off the grid, big data companies know all about you.

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The job necessarily involves a lot of data and a lot of pondering about where and how that data is stored.

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This website knows everything that you and everyone else are doing.

But even as you search Google, it turns out, Google is also searching you.

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But when you compile all those thousands of disparate e-mails and searches and directions over time, which Google does, you end up with something far more intimate — something not too far removed from a detailed portrait of your life and interests.And in a perfect world fun things like The Purple Store should exist and be supported.Google knows all of the things that are most important for you to know.Everything Google knows about you (and how it knows it) The inside track on Washington politics.

I like cooking, dictionaries and Washington, D.C. I own a Mac computer that I last accessed at 10:04 p.m. last night, at which time I had 46 open Chrome tabs.Sign in here Comments our editors find particularly useful or relevant are displayed in Top Comments, as are comments by users with these badges:.They constantly collect information about the things you buy and the.

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You can turn off the tools that track your personal search history and that sync your Chrome use between computers.Everything you wanted to know about alien mind control but were afraid to ask:.

In some cases, contributors are sources or experts quoted in a story.The small, ordinary act of sending an e-mail or making a search or looking up directions may seem revelatory, in and of itself.

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If you have a YouTube account, Google knows not only what videos you upload, but.The best you can do is to watch like a hawk what the web knows about you and influence it.And of the thousands and thousands of YouTube videos I have watched in my lifetime, a truly embarrassing number of them concern (a) funny pets or (b) Taylor Swift.

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If you have an Android phone, that device may log your location and velocity data.