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Hi heyyo, This is a known issue with Gigya Socialize and Chrome that we are aware of.

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The update process should only take a couple of minutes at most.So in a matter of 30 minutes of surfing, i need to reopen chrome.

Google Chrome on Windows and Mac auto-updates itself on a regular basis.The risk of not updating Chrome is roughly the same risk as operating an obsolete Mac: your browsing is more vulnerable to malware, intruders, and other unwanted attacks.

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Browser First Aid: Fixes for Five Common. accidental closing, Google has made it easy to.

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Automatically closes inactive tabs and makes it easy to get them back.Sometimes when you open Google Chrome, it crashes immediately after opening it.Google Chrome supports tabbed browsing, meaning you can have several different web pages open at once in a single window.

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Google Chrome closes automatically just after it is opened

Includes diagnostic information to fix Google Chrome crashes.

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I loved chrome browser on my google tv, I used to open multiple tabs and watched flash videos. but after some recent update I noticed chrome.

The default period of time after tabs get closed automatically is set to 60 minutes by default.Chrome Version 28.0.1500.95 m Operating System Windows 7 Extensions (type Chrome:google docs Hello.This wikiHow teaches you how to update the Google Chrome browser on your computer and mobile devices.It means that if you remove Chrome, you will never be able to install it from syncs bookmarks across all your devices, fills out forms automatically, and so much more.

Thus, you can force Chrome to automatically delete all the private data when you close the Chrome browser.Automatically Logs you out of all logged in accounts on close of all browser windows in case you forget to sign out.

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The manual way gives you greater control, but it may also leave tabs open longer than you may want them to be.I have uninstalled and reinstalled Chrome and it still does the same thing.Google probably does this to ameliorate user experience, but this feature may be.

However, today every time I open chrome, it automatically exits out without letting.The author could improve this part of the extension by adding a list to the extension.

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This would also improve the manageability of blacklisted sites significantly.The product has a couple of use cases that may be interesting to some users.Does Google Chrome open automatically when you turn on your Mac.

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Stop Google Chrome from Opening Automatically on Startup

As the title says, my Chrome is automatically shutting down every 24 hours.

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Tabs close when I click them while using Google Chrome

It can be used to keep open tabs tidy, automatically close tabs after you have signed out of services, or make sure browser tabs get closed when you walk away from a computer.You can do so by clicking the Relaunch button that appears after Chrome finishes updating, or you can simply close and reopen Chrome.

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