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Skype today announced that domestic voice calls within india through skype software will be blocked from November 10, 2014.

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From November 10th Skype India will no longer allow calls to mobiles and landlines within India - Get the full story here.

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Account holders of Skype in India will not be able to use the Internet phone service to make calls to local landlines or mobile phones as Microsoft Corp., which owns.Much of the service is free, but Skype Credit or a subscription is required to call a landline or a mobile phone number.

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Make free online calls to any mobile or landline phone using internet.While you can make these calls to landlines and mobile phones for a charge, it.Using your laptop or smartphone and high-speed internet access, you can use Skype to make inexpensive or even free international telephone calls.Skype Calling Plan subscriptions are offered for calls to landlines in 42 countries and to mobile phones in eight of those countries.In a statement, Skype said that users will not be able to make calls to phones in India if they are based in India.

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Subscriptions are available for calls within a local country (code), a region.

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Make low cost long distance calls to India with rechargeable calling plans.As a result SkypeOut rates to mobile phones outside the eight countries named above can be as much as an order of magnitude greater than calls to landlines in these countries.These subscriptions can only be used by one person (or Skype account) and cannot be shared across any multi-party platform or service such as a PBX or call center.

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Unlimited India calling offers cheap rate calling plans to call India and worldwide.The best calling service with highest quality and technology.A Skype Calling Plan subscription for free calls to landlines (and mobile phones, if available) in the one country of your choice (within the terms of the fair use policy).If you are based in the US (USA), you can make unlimited, free 10-minute calls to India simply by dialing a Freephone2phone local access number.Call transfer and call forwarding to a landline (or mobile, if available) number within the subscribed territory.

The ban applies only to calls within India, so you can still make.Starting now and running until the beginning of March, calls from India to the US and Canada are.Over the top telecom player Skype today said it will stop calling facility from its application on mobile and landlines within India from November 10.

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A Fair Usage policy applies to all Skype Calling Plan subscriptions which limit these plans to a 10,000 minutes per month, six hours calling per day and calls to 50 numbers per day.

Skype Everywhere: Nokia and Skype Announce Ongoing Partnership.Get Skype today and stay in touch with friends, family and colleagues.

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Skype Mobile Calls - Get the cheapest local and international calling cards with the lowest rates available and save up to 95% on international phone calls.

Connection Fees Update (Sept. 2009): For those consumer users with a Skype Calling Plan subscription, connection fees do not apply for calls to phone numbers in the Global Rate countries included within their particular Calling Plan.

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India Calling cards can solve your problem and provide you the facility to make cost effective calls to India.

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Skype credit can also be used for Skype voicemail and sending SMS text messages. (See the note below re calls to mobile phones.).International VoIP service providers we recommend for making cheap, reliable calls to India.See more of Free Calls to India by logging into Facebook. Skype will now provide group video calling capabilities for free. Free Calls to India.Make free calls to India from your Android device: phone and tablet.You can have as many as 10 SkypeIn numbers to a single Skype account selected from 24 available countries.

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Skype has given a wonderful New Year gift to people who live in India and like to call their friends and relatives who live in the U.S. and Canada.