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Start here to learn about Windows Phone apps and get the tools you need to create them.Unable to register Windows phone 8.1 for Developer Acccount. 0. Windows 8.1 phone development licence.About two weeks ago at the BUILD conference in San Francisco, Microsoft unveiled Windows Phone 8.1.

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It hints there is something wrong in web page when register, it seems some javascript codes error.When I went to register my HTC Arrive with my Windows Phone 7.To register a phone, use the Windows Phone Developer Registration tool.

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Windows Phone ( WP ) is a family of mobile operating systems developed by Microsoft for smartphones as the replacement successor to Windows Mobile and Zune.

Ok it worked using the Windows Phone 8.1 Dev Registration Tool, I just had to unregister the old Windows Phone 8.1 version of the device first in my account settings.

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Windows phone 7 application development by expert windows mobile developer.Enable your device for development. Developer Mode replaces the Windows 8.1 requirements for a. if you use Device Portal to deploy an app to a phone for.Note that the Windows Phone 8.1 Preview can only be installed on phones running Windows Phone 8.The same powerful and easy to use Visual Studio integrated developer environment (IDE) handles developing Windows Phone 7 phone applications.You cannot revert or return to a prior operating system release version after you have updated your phone to a preview update. 4) Download the Preview for Developers app The next step is to download the Preview for Developers app from the Windows Phone store.Windows Phone Developer Registration (PhoneReg.exe) - Crash on Startup - by Jeffrey Walton.Today, Redmond-based software giant is opening its Windows Phone 8.1 operating system to the public, with the release of a Developer Preview version of the OS, yet it.

This overview of how to register for a developer account for the Windows Store and other Microsoft programs will help you understand the process of setting up your.

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Run the app, login with your credentials from step 1 and Enable Preview for Developers.The Windows Phone Toolbox is an extension to the regular XAP deployer tools that come with the Windows Phone SDK which adds features like the ability to update a xap.

We offer windows mobile application development services like business application, game.As long as the Enable Preview for Developers box is checked in the Preview for Developers app, you should receive the updates.Tags: How to, Microsoft, Windows Phone, Windows Phone 8.1 Google updates terms of service to clarify how emails are scanned for targeting ads Bitcoin promoter Charlie Shrem indicted for money laundering How to download the free Windows Phone 8.1 Preview for developers.

I tried to install.Net 3.0. The installer claimed th platform (Vista x64) was unsupported.

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I had my Windows Phone development environment set up and work.

View 116682 Windows Phone posts, presentations, experts, and more.The product team could not reproduce this item with the description and steps provided.

Windows Phone Developer Registration (PhoneReg.exe) - Crash on Startup - by Jeffrey Walton. Fully Patched Windows Phone SDK PhoneReg.exe crashes on startup.Thank you for your interest in Xbox Live Indie Games, however we are no longer accepting new memberships.Yesterday, Redmond-based software giant Microsoft started rolling out the Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 for users enrolled in its Preview for Developers program.Get access to cutting-edge Microsoft technologies that help you succeed.I had Visual Studio 2010 Pro installed, and I installed the Windows Phone Developer Tools, the.This means that Nokia-specific apps (like Drive) will not be included in the update for example.

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The wait is over for Windows Phone developers anxious to get their hands on a copy of Windows Phone 8.1 so they can start updating their apps.

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Rebranded to WP8 Registry Tools from Lumia Registry Modifier This is a basic. REGISTER. Takes. xda-developers Windows Phone 8 Development and Hacking Windows.

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