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Incremented when suspendEvents is called, decremented when resumeEvents is called.Adds declarative listeners as nested arrays of listener objects.The id of a Filter to remove from the filter set, or a Filter instance to remove.

Ext JS 5 Chained Store

Flags - Any flags applicable to the member will be displayed next ( PROTECTED in.The number of extra rows to keep cached on the leading side of scrolling buffer.Member Name - The name of the class member ( lookupComponent in this example).

Public classes and members may safely be extended via a subclass.Setting this value to zero means that no pages are ever scrolled out of the page cache, and.Reloads the store using the last options passed to the method-load method.The resulting record index (may have changed if the passed index was outside the valid range).

Property to hold the last options from a method-load method call.Converts the row range to a page range and then only load pages which are not already.

Causes the handler to be scheduled to run in an Ext.util.DelayedTask delayed.The value for an event is truthy if the event must be fired and is.

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Only call the handler if the event was fired on the target Observable, not if the.Hash of all records to be synchronized, broken down into create, update and destroy.

Default ( not shown in the example ) - Configs often show the default config value.For fine grain control of the sorters collection, call getSorters to return.Creates an event handling function which re-fires the event from this object as the passed event name.Your page history is kept in localstorage and displayed (using the available real estate).Ext.button.Button class has an alternate class name of Ext.Button ). Alternate class.Internally, Store converts the passed arguments into an array of Ext.util.Filter instances, and delegates.

Determines if the passed range is available in the page cache.

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This method is called after modifications are complete on a store.When specified as true, the function returns a destroyable object.This method converts the passed object into an instanced child component.Below is an example class member that we can disect to show the syntax of a class member.

Fires whenever the store reads data from a remote data source.Note that when store is instantiated by Controller, the storeId will be.Chainable - Refers to methods that return the class instance back when called.

This property is set to true if this instance is the first of its class.The checkbox at the bottom of the API class navigation tree filters the class list to.Params List - Each param for a class method will be listed using the same name.

Returns the index of the last row in your table view deemed to be visible.Alternate Name - One or more additional class name synonymns (in Ext JS 6.0.0 the.Any requests which still make it through will be for the previous pageMapGeneration.Configure as true to have the filters saved when a client Ext.grid.Panel saves its state.

An object which implements the destroy method which, when destroyed, removes all relayers.The total number of Model instances available via the Proxy. 0 returned if.

By default, only 5 pages of data (in addition to the pages which over the visible region) are cached in the page cache.

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Finds the first matching Record in this store by a specific field value.