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The following tables compare general and technical information for a.You can use bookmark, favorite, history, home, backward, forward, and many other basic options.It secures your browsing by deleting all cache, traces, installation traces, URL traces, error navigating pages, history, DNS cache, DNS Pre-Fetching, auto-suggestion, most visited websites, etc.It offers you to work on various themes, use bookmarks, use favorite list, manage history, use RSS reader, and use add blocker.You can create your own extensions if you want and share them to SeaMonkey Community.It lets you browse webpages in a secure and user friendly interface.When you close this browser it removes all of your browsing history, all cookies, and object created during your web browsing session.Download Page QtWeb Internet Browser QtWeb internet browser is secure, lightweight, and free web browser.

It supports WebGL technology, so you can enjoy 2D and 3D graphic rendering without any plugins.Download Page SWBrowser SWBrowser is a free Internet Browser.Download Page WrestlingBrowser WrestlingBrowser is a free browser just like above mentioned sports browser.Download Page Surebo Browselorer Surebo Browselorer is a free internet browser.You have to type a URL in search engines, it will open the webpage in new tab.

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It is a simple browser but secures your PC from malware while surfing internet.The homepage of Alienforce displays recently closed websites, frequently visited sites, and favorites.Download Page Exercise Browser Exercise Browser is a free web browser.

It provides shortcuts to popular sites such as Gmail, Facebook, and Twitter.Browsers for Windows. Surf the Web with download and cloud sync options.You also have the option to lock this browser with a password.Download Page Pale Moon Pale Moon is a cross platform free internet browser.

It also has an editor which can be used for basic editing or adding text.You can also checkout the List of best free Speech To Text Converter Websites, Online Screen Sharing Websites, and Text Only Browsers.On closing, it will erase all browsing data in order to keep your browsing safe and secure.It offers many useful features such as faster engine, skins for customization, center button, Search Drawer, Rune text extension, finding tool, and a visually appealing graphical interface.All of the top four Web browsers have received major updates since our.

It has many useful features, such as: quick launch, search address bar with one click, click to search, file transfer, buddy alerts, and tabbed browsing.It has user friendly interface which lets you browse multiple webpages at a time.So many sites are overloaded with ads of all stripes and auto-play videos that browsing the Web unhindered has gotten more and more difficult.Crazy Browser provides you a safe and secure web browsing experience.

Here you will find all necessary options available on the right side panel.Download Page Speedy Browser Speedy Browser is a free, simple and fast browser.It provides you a safe, smart, and quick way to explore the web.It also shows you the list of suspicious sites and lets you change settings for them.It contains many options, such as bookmark, favorite, highly recommended, most visited, social network icons, etc.Download Page GuavaahLyte Browser GuavaahLyte Browser is a free web browser.It has only a Address search bar with File, Tools, and Help options.

You can also manage history, bookmark, favorite list, favorite apps, etc.Download Page Project Maelstrom Project Maelstrom is a free internet browser.Download Page Internet- The Browser Internet- The Browser is a free browser based on IE engine.

Download Page Alienforce Alienforce is a free internet browser.The best web browser of 2015: Firefox, Chrome, Edge, IE, and Opera compared.Apart from browsing internet, it lets you open web application and games easily.Here are the best free web browsers to explore the internet and provide security, bookmarking, anonymous browsing,.Download Page Michaelsoft Browser Michaelsoft Browser is a freeware belongs to the browser list.It also contains, refresh, back, forward, and home buttons like other browsers.

It is based on dual engine browsing i.e. Chromium and Trident render engines.You can easily add and use bookmarks from the side floating bookmark panel.Download Page Duck Web Browser Duck Web Browser is a freeware to browse internet in a simple interface.Download Page Vivaldi Browser Vivaldi Browser is another free internet browser.

Download Page Visual Explorer Visual Explorer is an internet browser to open multiple webpages simultaneously as tiles, floating windows, thumbnails, or cascades.Download Page Otter Browser Otter Browser is a free and simple internet browser.It includes a download manager, which increases your download speed automatically.You can simply add and close multiple tabs by their respective icons.It has many useful features such as tabbed browsing, session restoration, address bar, bookmarks bar, download manager, and private browsing etc.This amazing new Wordpress Theme turns any standard install of Wordpress.How To Open PirateBrowser: Actually it is a bundle of: Firefox23 portable browser.It enables you to access blocked sites and hide your identification.

The Best Web Browser for. favorite web browser, in. created was to ask you about your favorite web browser.It is a simple browser containing only a search bar, back, forward, and stop buttons.Top 10 Web Browsers of 2014. kormo. Best Web Browsers Best PC Web Browsers Best Web Browsers for Android Phone Best Web Browsers for Mac Top 10 Web Browsers of 2015.A lot of what it measures is used by barely any sites, and all the browsers here will render all the major sites and Web services perfectly well.

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Some of them are very popular, some are very simple, some are used for specific purpose, some are specially dedicated to kids, etc.

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It has many useful features such as incognito mode and inbuilt translator.

It also opens other sites but you will find some problems in webpages.It is compatible with Internet Explorer with some extra features.You can view sites list, history, bookmarked pages, and some popular sites.It has some interesting advanced options other than bookmark, history favorite, multiple tabbed browsing, etc.It supports multi-tab browsing but you cannot simply find any options to open a new tab.