K-anonymity location cloaking algorithms

On the complexity of optimal K-anonymity

A k-anonymous cloaking region. into algorithms that enforce k-anonymity.

A Cloaking Algorithm Based on Spatial Networks for

Using Uncertainty to Provide Privacy-Preserving and High

Preserving User Location Privacy in Mobile Data Management Infrastructures Reynold Cheng1, Yu Zhang2, Elisa Bertino2, and Sunil Prabhakar2 1 The Hong KongPolytechnic.On the Formation of Historically k-Anonymous Anonymity Sets. the actual location.

Providing Location-Aware Location Privacy Protection for

Our experiments show that the personalized location k-anonymity.

Preserving Query Privacy With a Query-Based Memorizing

Anonymizing Location. and perturbs the position data according to the following cloaking algorithms to reduce the. the larger the anonymity set k is,.

PRIVACYGRID: Supporting Anonymous Location Queries in

We study the effectiveness of our location cloaking algorithms under.

Supporting Anonymous Location Queries in Mobile

Spatial Cloaking Algorithms for Location Privacy Chi-Yin Chow. example of the adaptive interval cloaking algorithm, in which the k-anonymity requirement is.

A graph-based cloak algorithm to preserve location privacy

International Journal of Computer Trends and Technology

Providing Location-Aware Location Privacy Protection for Mobile Location-Based Services.A large number of location clocking algorithms have been proposed for protecting the. adopting both the location k-anonymity and cloaking granularity as.Location Anonymity Based on Fake Queries in Continuous Location-based Services Lin Yao, Chi Lin, Guangya Liu, Fangyu Deng, Guowei Wu School of Software Dalian.

Location privacy: going beyond K-anonymity, cloaking and

PRIVACYGRID: Supporting Anonymous Location. location cloaking algorithms for.

Distortion-based Anonymity for Continuous Queries in

PRESERVING QUERY PRIVACY WITH A QUERY-BASED MEMORIZING ALGORITHM. based on the notion of k-anonymity,. location-based queries, the cloaking regions are.

Query m-Invariance: Preventing Query Disclosures in

Using Uncertainty to Provide Privacy-Preserving and High-Quality Location. troduced a metric known as k-anonymity. The location cloaking algorithms.A Customizable k-Anonymity Model for Protecting Location Privacy. cloaking algorithm, called.

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Truthful Incentive Mechanisms for K-Anonymity Location Privacy

A Secured Dynamic Location Monitoring System in WSN