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Stream iTunes to Xbox 360. take iTunes to Xbox 360 Video Converter for Windows as an. guide to learn how to stream media files ftom PC to Xbox 360.I find it hilarious that something as simple as this is broken already.Hand Remote control of music video streaming to Windows PC is.Since your question or comment has gone unanswered, you can send your request to the development team in this thread.

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I started adding my various media folders to WMP libraries and this ultimately became very frustrating.This video shows that it is possible to send live screen and audio capture from a computer to Xbox 360 using Rygel with a customized GStreamer pipeline.Before I upgraded to windows 7 I had vista media center and it would work work.I was initially happy to see that my video files now appear in the XBOX Dashboard and many of them even play (but not all of the ones that play with Vista and WMP11).

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Networking a Windows Media Center PC and Xbox 360 lets you access files as if you were front of the computer.With Popcornflix on Xbox 360, stream hundreds of films instantly at no additional.Vista Support Forums. on my old xp computer i had some mp4 videos that i could stream to my hdtv.

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Since I have been messing with video streaming in. if you have a lot of interlaced video on your computer.I had a video program with issues run better after I set it to Vista Compatibility mode.Stream Videos From Samsung Galaxy S3 to Xbox 360. Linking Samsung S3 to Xbox 360.

Connect Your Xbox 360 Console to Your PC. Streaming music and video from your computer to.There was a time that not even reseting the pc did the trick, and then eventually it showed on my console.

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Poor quality when trying to stream a 720p video to XBox 360 using Media.I add a video in it and takes a whole eternety so my 360 can see it.I have found several different pieces of software for OS X that allow the Xbox 360 find OS X based computer.

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I know it is connected however because my Xbox is connected to the computer through WMP and Zune software.How to Stream to Your Xbox 360. you just need to start PS3 Media Server on your computer and you can stream videos to your.

I am having a problem streaming mpeg2 from my windows 7 media center to my xbox 360.

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In Windows 7, the XBOX icon appears with a green arrow when I first define it and turn sharing on, but the first time I actually power on the XBOX and the network connection is established, the green arrow disappears and never comes back.So to all those who can view their files in WMC on the 360 but not on the 360 dashboard this is solution is for you.Does anyone know why WMP streaming to Dashboard works in 64-bit W7 and not 32-bit.

Microsoft is conducting an online survey to understand your opinion of the Technet Web site.Just wondering if anyone knows how to stream to the dashboard like we could in XP.

How to stream media from PC to TV with Xbox. you can use your console to stream music, movies, and photos from any computer to your TV.Have Comments about Windows 7 Beta Rating posts helps other users.By using this site you agree to the use of cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads.Get access to more than 10 million Movies for FREE Stream Showbox To Xbox 360 From Pc.

I actually went ahead and reinstalled Vista and am dualbooting now and it works just fine in Vista.I started becoming more irritated when I added my large music folder to WMP.

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I have just tested avi, mp4 and mkv file formats streaming from Windows 10 Tech Preview Build 10162 to the XBOX360 successfully.However, I had very similar issues setting up my 360 via vista.Sometimes folders I added were recognized by WMP12 right away, but for others I would wait overnight for the library to rebuild and see the files, but nothing.I would like to chime in and say that I am having the exact same issue as you, and it is quite annoying.