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To automatically hide the action bar when opening a. and in the legacy Android menu.Make Your Smartphone Work For You, Not Against New To Android.Menus are a common user interface component in many types of applications.Simulate menu button in older app (Android 2.x). Should I hide the fact that I did a group.Many apps also let you control notifications from the settings menu inside the app.Here, you can put any code that you want to execute on the selection of that particular menu item.

Secret Codes For Android. 6,033. Kostadin Tonev Tools. Everyone. they will unlock a hidden menus with more options and information for your Android.

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Android-related Website: Reddit add-on Developer: Google Employee: a community for 8 years. One more hidden menu trick go to market download gesture (free app).Then, based on the menu item selected, we call the function showToast with the appropriate message.Titanium SDK 3.0 includes support for the Android action bar.In case you are using Eclipse for development, you also have a helpful Android menu editor using, which you can use add menu items.Get the latest Android developer news and tips that will help you find success on Google Play.I came across an interesting way to access the LG Hidden Menu,.The items in a menu can be declared within an XML file, which is then inflated and displayed to the user on demand.

Read on to get started with the first type of Android menu, the options menu.The Android UI provides three.You have successfully signed up for the latest Android developer news and tips.Execute the menu item action associated with the given shortcut.

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Whenever a menu item in the options menu of the Android activity is selected, the onOptionsItemSelected function of the activity is called.Using submenus in Android, we will provide these new options to the user.

Android Instagram App Samsung Galaxy S5 Show only contacts with phone numbers.Most of the mobile manufacturers include a hidden service menu in their mobile handsets.

This wikiHow teaches how to find image files that have been hidden on an Android device using file manager apps, a Mac.Hide Menubar 6.0.20110915.1-signed.1-signed Requires Restart by yuoo2k.

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Previously we showed you how to pull up RTN information on your Android phone using a dial code.

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Here are hidden Android secret codes for Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Sony, LG and other devices that are worth checking out.Then, using the getItemId function on the menu item, we can find out which menu item was chosen.Based on the menu item clicked, a certain action can be performed by your app.Android Menus My Way. would be to hide the menu when the user touches the. below in android when you press a button or even the menu button in android.

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In order to respond the menu selections, we will have to override this function in our activity.Return whether the menu currently has item items that are visible.