Ps4 network not working

Psn on bs hurry up so i can finish beating ppl on 2k park lol.Got destiny and I was so exited to play and see the graphics.Nope, psn has and will always be vulnerable for reasons you could.not comprehend.

A couple zit faced no booty getting nerds call them selves hackers HA.Just like the last guy said, its a ddos attack which not even the FBI could stop on their servers.Freedom comes with the responsibility to use it wisely or you lose those freedoms in the end.

By dharmaoutlaw in PlayStation Network. 2,234 Replies: Is MP Working.They are not the hackers Sony is looking for and most experts now agree North Korea had nothing to do with the Hack Attack.So before you start saying Playstation sucks, check your facts first.PS4 Not Ejecting Game Discs: Just like the PlayStation 3 there is a chance that the disc might get stuck in the PS4 but it is harder this time around.

People like you are the reason we all think your country is a joke.Right nuke anentire country over 1 crybaby who cant take a movie mocking him.I would bet the Chinese or Russians working on behalf of the NKoreans.Official Twitter updates on PlayStation, PS4, PS VR, PS3, PS Vita, and PSN.The president needs to grow some balls and not let us get stepped on by these people.Dont they already right now sony please get this to work it has ruined my little brothers Christmas.After all, a single piece of information could be the key to winning a war.

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Indiana USA PS4 Network worked for 1. down all over different part of united states an iam in missouri its not working.

PS4’s MTU 1473 Temporary PlayStation Network Fix Made

PlayStation Network down intermittently for PS4, PS3, and

Actually mass spamming is easy, but for companies rich from us, they need a more secure safegauded system.

PSN Down and Currently Undergoing Unplanned Maintenance (Update). that Sony is set to announce the PS4 Neo tomorrow at its. is working for you, leave.I mean it says this: Cannot connect to the Wi-fi network. The WPA.You must be misinformed: Russia is not allied with NK, nor is ISIS.

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These companies want the 60 for the game which can only be played on line. and then they want another 50 to play it online for time served.

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Another Attack On Sony Shuts PlayStation Network, Store Temporarily.If the servers are down howcome a few people are still online.If Sony continues to get hacked I am not buying their crap again.

Just like all the protesters in our country lately, crying wolf about race issues against the police that are based on lies.They are absolutely working their asses off trying to fix the issue, but while laughing at it the whole way through.The thought that they would even be willing to consider attacking NK is ludicrous.From a hackers point of view this was probably the dumbest shut I have ever seen.Thanks fellow ur info is collected some hackers are for the good and i will see the kid i comment on will be prosecuted thnks.Meanwhile, Xbox Live, the competing gamer network from Microsoft, appears to be fully back online after its own, less severe outages that Lizard Squad also took credit for.The least they could do is reimburse their customers in an aptly manner.Best bet is to setup the PS4. (assuming you are on a home network and not.

They simply could not hack into banks or anything of importance because these are low level, juvenile mindset computer nerds.I just got a ps4 and madden 15 when I got home to play psn was down and my new ps4 keeps freezing when I try to play madden.How to Change Your NAT Type on PS4. updates other functions may not work as.I wanted to see what was up with PSN work and read over some comments, and came across a hand full of idiots making comments on political relations and repeating talking points reflected on talk radio and 24 hour news salesmen.Do you really think that America, North Korea, Russia or anyone else is going to start one.They are cowardly anarchists behind masks that threaten and character assassinate anyone with different beliefs.Not saying do it, but that would be a serious hack, now go find a new hobby.If you can take down playstation network i dont think you are low level.

You are actually bringing more publicity to the brand you hate, while really, at the heart of the issue, your only affecting people who have nothing to do with your so called fight.

That would have looked very bad and have had serious impact on the future of gaming industries.They should be fined something but the government dgaf cuz it haz nothing to do with dem.They ganna be locked up for life o just added 20 dollars to psn this morning 4 christmas i hope its still on there:(.The Hollywood Sign is a trademark and intellectual property of Hollywood Chamber of Commerce.