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The nine highest-rated canceled shows. Here are the top nine highest-rated canceled shows this season: 1. Rob. 2. Terra Nova (Fox: 10.1 million.I must have watched the first season 10 times on Netflix I sure hope they continue with it.I missed the first few episodes when it was starting because I had no idea that it was even there.Also, the dinosaur egg thing was like 3 minutes of total filming. Yeah. Complete plot line.Just wish the creators or funding would see these things to some kind of end and not leave me hanging.

Moreover, there were still so many potential paths that it could still have explored.It was a major hit and it broke plenty of records for the network.

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Why this was not taken to at least a second or third season is disappointing.Terra Nova fans were left heartbroken when Fox cancelled the series after just one season back in March, leaving the story with several unresolved plotlines.TERRA NOVA: Season 2 Decision Delayed Until 2012. I really want a Terra Nova season 2 because I.I think they did a good job showing where the world is headed.Unbelievable that someone within a company has the power to just take it off the agenda.

Looks like (with the right creative team) this would make a great come-back series.Terra Nova was unique and i could watch it with my children and still enjoy it myself, had many storylines left unfinnished.I also liked the fact that commander Taylor had a human side, showing compassion while still being a tough leader.Again, sorry about the skippage, my DOSBox was being retarded again.There is no way they can cancel Terra Nova, it is the best show ever.

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I am a normal person only with a high I.Q of 193. I am very scientifically oriented and I absolutely LOVED Tera Nova.

If the production cost was too great due to filming in Australia, that was stupidity on upper management.Are they claiming they made money from foreign payments and overseas advertising.Their humanity and personality showed in ways in which characters in other shows could not.

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I laughed at one thing the bag the little girls came out of in episode 1 was not believable even my kid laughed.I like to believe that humanity is capable of rising above and surviving against all odds.Really, only because his history was put together in a much more organized fashion.Everyone find a way to get in contact with big netflix guys in a hope to renew.

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Everyone seems cool with getting pushed around by the Gestapo.Damm I really liked the show but as usual anything liked is cancelled.Then his rich parents got him to show it to the right people, and helped him negotiate for a deal where he got a cut of the profits instead of just a lump sum.

I think the only episode that rubbed me the wrong way was the episode where one guy locked the dinosaur in a room to kill his friend over a gambling debt.While searching for a good SciFi series (like Caprica and Battle Star Galactia) I thought I would give it a try.Taylor warns the travelers that while Terra Nova is a place of new opportunities and.I enjoyed Falling Skies as well but it was not something I would let my 8 year old watch, unlike Terra Nova which was family friendly.Zacorra,, Dave Thompson voted for OVomit,,, that says it all.

Netflix you need to pickup this series and continue on with it, I would be willing to pay to watch it.You may think it is about entertaining, keep living in your delusion.

I really think the idea of the series was terrific, but it was just sad to see that the execution, as you mentioned, was so terribly poor and the writing likewise.Caprica had massive potential yet it dove head first into the Emo world of despair which caused the plot to drag along its broken leg.And they could have brought filming to Nevada or something instead of Australia, as badlands are kind of desert-ish.When the spider song came up, something was irrevocably broken.Terra Nova had its share of issues during production of its first 13-episode season.I found this show later on netflix, and was able to watch it all in 2 days.Reality shows that embarrass real people in front of millions or cop shows that are too gruesome to share with the family.I for one have had it with shows that are there for the sake of shocking, I want to be inspired.

But its biggest advantage is being on TNT, where 7M gets you hit status, while on FOX it gets you cancelled.Stop trying to be all things for all people, ESPECIALLY if you are a genre show.Terra nova was an excellent series and different from the norm we find on t.v now. hopefully a clever network will bring it back.

I watched every single one of the episodes and I enjoyed them all, the action and the plot are all very exciting.The fact that it is robed in fantasy does not make it any less important.Please make a series 2 hate being left to wonder what might happen.Personally I think canceling terra nova was a huge mistake on foxs part, I hope Netflix buys it and does a better job than fox.I also applied for a extras part for season 2 as I had enjoyed season 1 so mutch.